Ditch Fish

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Species: Bluegill, Green Sunfish, Largemouth Bass

Methods: Streamers, poppers on the Tailwater Outfitters 3 weight fly rod

Flies: green woolly bugger, black micro popper

Conditions: A bluebird day! Very sunny and clear with occasional gusting winds. Maybe 75 degrees with water temperature of 72 degrees. The water was perfectly gin clear and allowed for fantastic sight fishing opportunities. I fished an unnamed creek running parallel to Jack Warner parkway just off of the Nucor plant. Remember, if there is water somewhere 365 days a year then there are most likely fish in it! 

Notables: After a slow start caused by spooking the fish in the clear water, I really got on them. I worked down onto the sandy bottom of the creek and then fished my way upstream so as not to unduly scare the fish. I fished a 9 foot leader of straight 2x tippet. This leader proved adequate probably only because these fish are likely entirely un-pressured by other fishermen. I began by fishing the popper which was smacked relentlessly nearly every time it hit the water. Before long I had landed nearly 20 Bluegill ranging in size from a measly 2 inches to a very respectable 8 inches.Nearly every cast earned a hit if not a landed fish. Finally, after catching a small, 4 inch Green sunfish I decided to re-rig and try for the small bass I had been seeing. Tying on a mid-sized green woolly bugger, I immediately got a bass!

Though small, the Largemouth jumped and played beautifully. On one of my very next casts I landed the twin to my first bass. In the hour or so that I fished I landed a total of 24 fish! 21 Bluegill, 2 Largemouth bass and 1 Green sunfish. Though they were plentiful, the experience was far more important to me. In an area with many fishermen, I fished water that I'm not sure has been fished yet this year. The fish were scrappy and eager to take a fly and I'm thankful for the every-day adventure they managed to provide.